Bandsaw Machine With Feeder

Bandsaw Machine With Feeder
Product Description

 bandsaw machine is a primary need for any machine tools & engineering industries. Because cutting is a primary operation of any machine tools or engineering unit .

After cutting the metal  into required length , one can do further process of  Turing , shaping , grinding , milling or drilling etc operations.


Saving of costly material :

At present due to high cost of steel material , there is urgent need to decrease the cutting cost of the steel & to  make minimum wastage of the costly material. In bandsaw machine , the cutting blade thickness is 0.9mm only so during one cut there is wastage of 1.1mm only.  While in conventional hacksaw machine due to 1.5mm to 2.5mm blade thickness the material wastage is more than 2 to 3 mm during one cut .


Saving of costly power  & time :

Power is becoming costly everyday due to limited natual resources . So we must have to use the machine which can save the power energy .

Here in bandsaw machine , blade is moving  continuously in one direction & it is always in contact with material . So blade is always cutting the material at any point of time . So the cutting time is less compare to conventional hacksaw machine . Hacksaw machine have reciprocating movment so it has one idel stroke & only one power stroke during one cycle time .

So the power consumption in bandsaw machine is much less than of hacksaw machine .

Maxmen brand horizontal metal cutting bandsaw machine is a part of welknown  laxman kadva  family group .

Maxmen brand bandsaw machine is designed & developed by a  designer who has got 20 years experience in bandsaw machine production house. It is designed and developed looking at the requirement of ssi industry in india. maxmen bandsaw machine is designed for  best quality best workmanship, high productivity, less power consumption  and  low capital cost, affordable price to ssi industry.


Technical Specification Of Bandsaw Machine With Feeder:

  • Cutting Capacity : 210 Mm Round, 210 X 210 Mm Square
  • Cutting Speed : 20 /30/40/60/80 Mt/minute
  • Blade Size : 3760 X 27 X 0.9 Mm
  • Power Req. Saw Drive Motor : 3.00 Hp, 1000 Rpm Motor : 1.50 Hp, 1440 Rpm
  •  Coolant Pump : 0.16 Hp,2800 Rpm
  • Hyd. Reservoir : 60 Ltr,
  • Coolant Reservoir : 60 Ltr
  • Approx Net Weight : 2500 Kg,
  • Overall Dimensions L X W X H Mtr : 2 X 2.5 X 1.3
  • Cutting Taper Accuracy : + 0.1 Mm
  • Cutting Length Accuracy : + 0.2 M



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